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No more “build as you go”.

Service providers are focusing on time-to-market and adopting a services oriented approach to rapidly introduce products and services. This operating mode requires infrastructure “readiness” for the timely provisioning of services.

The Ni2 software enables service providers to reach this level of readiness. First by building and leveraging a standard catalog of services and resources. This allows for a proactive design and modeling of future state scenarios of the infrastructure to evaluate various deployment strategies as well as helping to determine and compare the future costs of those technology investments.

Second, having assessed and selected the optimal infrastructure transformation scenario, the Ni2 software then facilitates the coordination of infrastructure deployments and projects by automatically generating a deployment plan and bill of materials; outlining all the required tasks and measures for effectively planning and properly managing the deployment of the best possible transformation scenario. 

Lastly, Ni2 enables service providers to proactively deal with capacity, scalability, management and technology changes, again by helping them build and model transformation scenarios that take into account forecasting market demand for current and future services.
“If too much is spent on infrastructure; it’s underutilized and constitutes a drag on financial performance. And if not enough is spent, then key services cannot be delivered in a timely fashion”
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Fast, consistent service delivery

Ni2 Service Catalogs play a double and vital role. On the one hand, they assist service providers in standardizing their offerings for added efficiency, while on the other; they allow customers to pick and choose services on-the-go from an available menu.  By defining Service Catalogs, service providers enable themselves to build a true, service-ready infrastructure.

Once the catalogs are up and available, a customer can order a service, and the service provider is now able to match the service request to an inventory of available services. If a pre-installed service isn’t available, they can begin the service provisioning from within the Ni2 software, ensuring continuity between the service-request and the change request.

The Ni2 software also streamlines the delivery process by providing capacity intelligence to service provisioning.  Its underlying platform provides essential infrastructure inventory data and information on how and where resources are being used for maximum utilization. The Ni2 platform also provides detailed provisioning documentation for less on-the-go operating and fewer human errors.

Finally, every step is automatically documented by the system and everyone involved is notified-providing for visibility, efficiency and accountability.
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Automating proper documentation

Specially designed for Service Providers, the Ni2 software offers an integrated platform for documenting any and all services and data center resources. The platform tracks all of the interdependencies for visibility of the full service composition and its consumers for consistent, reliable and economical delivery of quality services.

What to document
The Ni2 Platform includes a model that supports any resource or service across the IT, Network, Facilities, and Cloud domains. It allows Service Providers to:

  • Classify physical, logical, and virtual resources
  • Build patterns of service or technology configurations
  • Assists in defining required attributes

How to document
Ni2 provides the tools and methodologies to collect asset and configuration information from several data sources and transform it into its Model allowing Service Providers to:

  • Massively import and transform data from files and databases
  • Leverage open API’s or Web Services to exchange data with other
  • Federate data from other platforms
  • Utilize the Ni2 design features to create new services and

How to maintain the data
The Ni2 software incorporates configuration management best practices to automate the documentation of the infrastructure and support key business processes by:

  • Designing deployment projects
  • Automatically documenting change orders
  • Provisioning service activation parameters
  • Leveraging discovery methods for auditing the environment

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True Service Desk for Service Providers

Service providers have unique business and operational requirements for managing customers. The service desk is a good example where for them, managing customer relationships is simply vital.

For service providers, acquiring a Help Desk software is a challenge because most Help Desk software are designed to support enterprise IT departments serving an internal user-base. In this competitive market, service providers can ill-afford to spend the time, resources and money trying to make enterprise Help Desk software work in their unique environments.

Ni2 designed and developed its Service Desk specifically for service providers. Why? Because service providers require a solution that tracks and manages which services customers are subscribed to, as well as to visually convey the actual makeup of those services. As a result, support staff can offer faster resolution of issues and a far better quality of experience to their customers.

Best of all, the Ni2 software incorporates ITIL best-practices across the entire service value chain for better governance and understanding of key performance indicators.

   Know which services your customers

   Graphically visualize the full make-up of
    their services

   Leverage ITIL best-practices for service

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