Ni2 Solution

Revenue Assurance

Improve quoting and enhance customer-sales interaction

  • Respond quickly to customer service requests by leveraging accurate network data.
  • Remain competitive by ensuring proper costing and not overpricing services.

Ni2 Solution Features

  • Validation of service eligibility & feasibility information
  • Location of resources
  • Proximity to the network (on/off/near net)
  • Capacity information (available connections , bandwidth, etc.)
Ni2 Solution

Service Fulfillment

Accelerate service delivery by automated network design and orchestrated workflows

  • Accelerate Order to Cash process and shorten billing cycle.
  • Consistently deliver services on time and on budget, while optimizing network costs.

Ni2 Solution Features

  • Policy and catalog driven automation
  • Workflow driven orchestration
  • Identify services routed through leased and owned assets
Ni2 Elements
Ni2 Solution

Service Assurance

Increase NOC operational efficiency, and enhance customer experience

  • Reduce effort to quickly identify common points of failure
  • Faster resolution of service and customer incidents
  • Avoid costly SLA breaches
  • Provide customers timely and accurate updates

Ni2 Solution Features

  • Perform rapid Root Cause Analysis
  • Easily customize Fault/Tirage process
  • Perform Service Impact Analysis while carrying out routine maintenance or dealing with major outrages.

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